ReStart Time 12:45 PM Online 234
  • Guild is existing and ACTIVE in other server.
  • Must have have roster of members.
  • Must have active discord or FB Group.
  • Send PM to FB PAGE and write your guild information.
  • The team will review your application and will reply on your request should you pass the assessment.

As soon as you we receive your application, we will reply to your ticket with @gpack codes to each member for the following supplies to get you started.

Blinking Eyes Costume
This will auto equiped when claimed.

False Ears Costume
This will auto equiped when claimed.

250 Credits
Use this credit to spin
for Gotcha Costumes

2x VIP Plus Coupon
Your account wil get
300% EXP Boost
when active

10x Bubble Gum
60% Drop Boost
+160% Drop Rate
when use together
with your VIP

1x Clothing Dye Coupon
This will enable your
character to change
clothing color

100x Hourly Coin
You can spend this
coin at our Hourly Coin Shop

50x Guild Coin
Use this coin to purchase
WoE Supplies

Weapon Box
This will generate lvl 3
+7 NPC Weapon [no card]
of your choice.
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